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Driver mutations landscape

5 Of the driver mutations landscape 5151 patients, 1361 harbored EGFR mutations, and 888 harbored KRAS mutations; however, only 25 were positive for both driver mutations landscape (P 20). Arold, Marcin Imielinski, Jean Philippe Theurillat, Elizabeth Nickerson, Daniel Auclair, Liren Li, Chelsea. Integration with chromosomal copy number data contextualized the landscape of driver mutations, providing oncogenic insights in BRAF- and NRAS-driven melanoma as well as those without known NRAS / BRAF mutations.

Mutations in specific driver genes promote malignant transformation of hepatocytes. Unlike the well-characterized mutations at orthosteric driver mutations landscape sites, the landscape of driver mutations at allosteric sites, also referred to as allosteric driver mutations, has been less explored (12, 13), because of the complexity of the underlying mechanisms of protein allosteric mutations.

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